Infographic on Glaciers and Black Carbon Pollution

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AUTHOR: Misael Arriaga, Santa Barbara


Baiqing Xua, Junji Caob, James Hansenc, Tandong Yaoa, Daniel R. Joswiaa, Ninglian Wangd, Guangjian Wua, Mo Wanga, Huabiao Zhaoa, Wei Yanga, Xianqin Liue and Jianqiao Hed. 2009. Black soot and the survival of Tibetan glaciers. Public Library of Science. 106(52): 22114-22118. <;.

Chen, Allan. 5 March 2012. Berkeley lab quantifies effect of soot on snow and ice, supporting previous climate findings. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. <;.

EPA black carbon and global warming hearing before the committee on oversight and government reform. 2007. House of Representatives. Serial No. 110-86. <;.

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